Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This is the end!

So dear readers. 
I feel it's time to start something new. 
I feel it's time to take this a step higher. To a name I really feel good with, with a logo that I like. With a facebook page as everyone else. 

I want to succeed in this, and I need to do it just a bit more professional. 
So from today and onwards this blog will be no more. 

Visit me on my new blog, with my new name, new layout but the same me :)

I also have a new web address

and facebook page

go in and hit LIKE


I'm getting stressed. Stressed, stressed, stressed. 
Everywhere I see, or hear or read now a days there are talk about children. 
And about 2 year old children that are using IPADs, Android phones, computers. Children that barley can write are chatting and using Facebook. 

Talks about preschools and kindergarten to children not even big enough to talk. That they should learn languages and need to SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE. 

And it get's me very stressed. I don't believe in all these things. 
Take your child to the park, instead of using your damn iphone and it will socialize. Take your child to some swimming lesson or singing group and they will have so much stimulation that it's enough. 

All this press on the children, already from before they are out.

I always need to stand strong and defend my idea that day care and preschools are nothing my child will be in. I don't beleive in it. 
If it's so important to socialize in a organized day care group, well then our foundation of this world is really weak as none of our parent did go to one. How did they turned out? Rather OK? 
And all the people before that, didn't the manage?

Or have humanity been lost in translation, until the day, day care was invented? 

The "skirt"

Front and back

Is not really a skirt, it's a kilt! It's a kilt for a little new born, therefore the solution of the bag. It's not supposed to be tied like that, but it has to be easy to take on of a small child. 

It was really fun to do! I hope that the little kid will be happy, or at least his parents :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jacket- check


Was a productive day as I finished these things. The "skirt" will be shown tomorrow. Really really proud over just this thing!

Tomorrow is a day that will be spent in redesigning website and blog. Finally it will be some changes. As I said before, never really clicked with this name. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012


How stupid I can be sometimes. 
Today I been doing nothing. We went to the market and got out veggies and fruits for the week. After that it haven't happen anything. I been lying in the sofa, doing what? 
watching Grand design, nothing else, reading some blogs. Fine to start with,  but after some time big bored and started to feel bit stressed. 
Why on earth am I lying here, just doing nothing. Wasting time, when I could clean, sew, run or do anything. 
My husband playing and hanging out with the Little girl, making me not need to think about her either. 

Gosh  I was stressed and starting to get bored and turning almost angry, as we where just in the house doing NOTHING. 

Interrupting my husband, nagging that we should do something, anything that we just can't be inside. Yes it's dark but we can't stop live. 

And I don't know, in a split of a second I heard myself, and stopped and thought. Thought about all the times when I thought about just lying in the sofa for the day, watching movies and doing nothing else. What I have been tired of all the cleaning and sewing and fixing, wishing the husband to take the girl out so I can just be here, watching movies. 

Why what the hell am I complaining for_?!?!?
Yes that hit me, what am I complaining for, I can actually do this I wanted for AGES. 
So I decided to be fine with it, went back in the sofa, got more comfy and will continue see GRAND DESIGN.